About Jog On

image The mind and body are connected. Through movement and sports we begin to heal internally, work through our emotions and connect with our own self and others. Jog On Sportswear believes in supporting you to reach your goals, keep your focus on how you are feeling, comfortable and confident to reach your goals.

We use our sportswear platform to promote mental wellness through physical activity. Our clothing embodies our message to unite the different parts of ourselves. We are a community. We celebrate the achievements of others and give a voice to those who want to encourage others towards mental and physical well-being.

We are not JUST a sportswear brand! We also provide individuals and group workshops either as a one off or part of a longer course. our Mind & Body Stronger sessions invite you to unite your mind & body to process and work through difficult thoughts and feelings through running and fitness. Get in touch today.

We work in schools, workplaces, community settings and more. We listen, we provide. Please use our Contact Us Page for more details.

We are not just a sportswear brand - we aim to develop the community to become Mind & Body Stronger