image Our primary mission is to use our platform within the sports and movement industry to educate and encourage towards mental and physical well-being. We have developed a unique approach that focuses on the relationship between the mind and body to help improve relationships with oneself and each other. To achieve that goal, we work closely with each client to better understand the unique challenges involved and offer a tailored support programme to develop virtues and overcome difficulties with our outstanding methods, using an unforgettable mind and body strengthening experience..

  • One-to-one Mind & Body Mentoring
  • Group Guided Running With Mindfulness Workshops
  • Self-esteem Enhancement Programmes
  • Breathing and Stillness Opportunities
  • Tailored Programmes for Individuals, Groups and Schools
  • Public Speaking
  • Running & Fitness Leadershipg
  • Anxiety and Emotional Regulation Through Movement
  • Consultancy and staff training and CPD
  • Educational Workshops in Schools or Corporate Settings
  • Envelopes
  • Advisory Clinic for Corporate, NGO’s and Community Settings

Our Track Record

Our goal is successfully achieving customer and client satisfaction. Listening to our community has grown our reputation and placed Jog On™ in a trusted position that many are signposting to, as an authority on mental health in sports and education. We work in a tailored way to meet your needs and change lives by instilling our message that the mind and body connection is the catalyst to growth and well-being.