Lynne Northcott

Lynne is the Brand owner for Jog On. She started running in 2015 and later opened an account on Instagram @jogonhijabi encouraging others to get active in order to help with mental well being and meet positive people. Lynne is an England Athletics Running and Fitness Leader and Mental Health Champion. By profession she is a counsellor in a secondary school. She hopes to bring her professional knowledge and her passion for sport together to promote the unity of well-being in the mind and body.

Lynne is part of a running club, competing in multi-distance and multi-terrain races in a number of different leagues including road running and cross country. Lynne ran the London Marathon 2018 and is looking forward to Berlin marathon in September 2019. Her life goal is complete all the World Major Marathons.

Lynne Northcott AKA Jogonhijabi and Brand Owner of Jog On

Lynne decided to launch the sportswear range Jog On when finding disatisfaction in sports apparel already on the market. When she couldn’t find the right kit that ticked all the boxes, she decided to make her own.

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