Jog On is more than just a sportswear brand. We provide a variety of sessions either remotely online or face-to-face, that invite individuals and groups to unite their mind and body during movement, running and fitness.

We aim to support the participants in becoming mindful of processing emotions and thoughts through physical activity. We believe that movement makes us both #MindAndBodyStronger.

Our sessions are run by Lynne Northcott, an England Athletics Running and Fitness Leader and Mental Health Champion. Lynne is also a Psychotherapist with a specialism in Adolescent counselling and Addiction Psychology.

We can tailor packages to suit you as an individual or as a group, club or organisation.

We listen to your needs and tailor a package to suit you and your budget. 

Mind & Body Stronger Workshops

Our Work In Schools: We can provide for age 12+

  1. A one off interactive workshop or presentation for your school
  2. A series of workshops and presentations as part of a weekly course with the same students
  3. One-to-one support work using mind and body techniques for students who do not work well in groups or want to work through a specific issue.
  4. Staff consultation around appropriate referrals and signposting
  5. Interactive workshops for School Staff as well as Staff Training on supporting young people with social and emotional difficulties.

We can travel to London, Essex and Kent

We use fun yet insightful ways to help the group process their thoughts and feelings while training or engaging in sports and movement.

We work on themes like trust, letting go, self-belief, unresolved strong emotions and self-esteem. Our participants go away learning something new about themselves, with a strategy to use physical activity and stillness to cope with life’s difficulties. We are inclusive and our workshops can suit all levels of fitness abilities.

Our work with young people in schools can help students cope better in the aftermath of bullying, poor self image, relationships with self and others or coping with big changes in family or school life. It can work well for students that do not respond well to talking therapies or need something extra having completed counselling. Safeguarding is our priority and we work alongside key staff with consultation before and after our course.

Corporate Staff enrichment and Team Building

In the workplace or community groups Jog On can support adults to develop their own understanding of how they relate to themselves and others. We listen to your needs and we provide sessions based on your requirements. Our themes include;

  1. Stress buster workshops
  2. Reducing anxiety around workloads and pressure
  3. Building trust with peers
  4. Working through inner and relational conflicts at work
  5. Making space for self-care

Let your body, mind and heart sing the same tune. Email us today to discuss tailored packages to suit your needs. Based in Essex/London but we are also happy to travel to you to deliver these amazing workshops and courses.

Facilitated by Lynne Northcott and Grace Hunter

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Thank you for my order of the air tec hijab. I am so glad you recommend using the measurement technique on your site. Alhamduilah it fits perfectly. After many years of wearing a regular hijab to gym and getting over heated quickly because of the fabric and the length of fabric getting in the way of equipment. I really feel liberated and confident now with my new jog on hijab. No more overheating issues and too much fabric getting in the way of equipment alhamduilah. I love it and will be ordering another colour soon.

Thank you so much for a much needed essential piece of clothing. I look forward to future sports wear inshaAllah.


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